Taco Bell, often know for their amusing and sometimes controversial campaigns is having some fun today.

Taco Bell has wiped their Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram accounts clean of any avatars, cover images and shedded all of their followers too. Their Twitter bio just says #OnlyInTheApp.

Taco Bell has even blacked out their website completely too. These moves caused quite a commotion on Twitter:

So what’s behind all of the mystery, Taco Bell is unveiling an advanced mobile app that lets users order and pay for food on their smartphones and then walk or drive in and pick up their grub.

It’s no wonder Taco Bell has decided to make a splash with an app, given that the food tech landscape has given rise to Seamless, Postmates, Grub Hub & more. Taco Bell wants to be perceived as an industry leader when it comes to technology.

One could argue that this is quite risky move, given that they have large followings across social but knowing Taco Bell, they must have a recovery plan in place. According to this person on Twitter, Taco Bell just shifted their followers on Twitter to a different account:

Regardless of the commotion, their user base appears to be very happy: